Michael Thompson (Biscuit Mike)
Biscuit Mike

I’m Mike, and I make shortbread right here in Northern Ireland. I would LOVE to share it with you and when you visit, you’re more than welcome to drop in and say hi. I’ll stick the kettle on, and open a packet of biscuits*.

My Northern Irish shortbread is made with local butter, from the North Coast, up toward ‘Derry. It’s creamy, lightly salted and delicious.

*Not to be confused with biscuits of the USA, which we call scones. My biscuits aren’t really cookies either, that’s a big flat chewy biscuit, often flavoured with chocolate chips.

Did you say Whiskey?

I did. I make a beautiful, crunchy shortbread, you can buy it here. I also discovered after some months at home, playing in the kitchen, that I can ice them with alcohol. I tried a lot of alcohols. Sometimes I tried them on the biscuits. The absolute best ones, I sell here. You’ll find the amazing McConnell’s Irish Whisky, originally from Belfast, Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum from Cornwall with a fascinating connection to Dunluce Castle in County Antrim, Prosecco and of course, our local Beer.

Where do I post my biscuits to?

I haven’t been asked to send them to every country yet, but I’ll give it a go. My biscuits are laid out flat in a postal box, so they should fit into mailboxes and through letterboxes without a signature, making it easy to send them as gifts.

You can connect to me for a chat on LinkedIn here.