The 2021 Eco-Friendly Packaging

I'll admit, I hadn't a clue. I buy thousands of packets, boxes and wrappers every year and yet I didn't have a baldy notion. I assumed it was simple; you…

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2 Becomes 1
Iconic Biscuits

2 Becomes 1

Boozy Biccies is now Iconic Biscuits... but the biccies haven't changed.

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Behind the Scenes at January’s Photoshoot

New year... new photos. The product photos have been needing updated for a while, but with all the changes in machinery at the factory forcing changes in the packaging, Christmas…

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Visit Us at Gifted Christmas Market

Grab your last minute gifts at Gifted, this 4th and 5th December! Gifted is the online Christmas market by Enterprise Nation, a huge network for entrepreneurs. Together with 499 other…

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Last Ordering Dates for Christmas 2020

There's always time to grab a last minute Christmas gift, but sadly there isn't always time to post it. Here are this year's last dates for ordering: Australia - 30th…

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The Micro Factory…

So it's been an eventful couple of months since July. I've been turned down for every Covid fund available. I've got a personal loan which provides the absolute bare minimum…

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House Rules for the Biscuit Tin

If you're not from Ireland or Northern Ireland, you're probably not familiar with the rules of the biscuit tin. For those not familiar with "the tin", it's usually only purchased at Christmas or for special guests coming round to the house, i.e. not you and your brother. They are usually rectangular or round and temporarily sealed. Once this seal has been removed by an authorised person, i.e. your ma, then the rules come into force:

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The Cookie Network

Have you ever wanted to own your own business? Lots of people dream of owning their own business, but it's not very often they want to build a sales company.

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