Michael Thompson (Biscuit Mike)
Biscuit Mike

This, is Biscuit Mike. He likes all things creative and natural; wildlife, photography, design, marketing, that kind of thing.

He worked in marketing for quite a few years then had a baby girl who was way more fun than working. He left working to his hard working (nurse) wife and stayed at home to play with Lucy and enjoy bug safaris.

He knew he would have to go back to work someday, so he trained part time in professional cookery and designed a beautiful shortbread using local butter.

The pure butter shortbread was popular so he made more and iced them with some very nice alcohols. They were even more popular (see gallery below).

When a nice shop owner ordered 10,000 biscuits he moved out of his home kitchen and into a little factory. Today he mostly sells his shortbreads online, simply because he loves making them and people love buying them, especially as gifts for friends and family.

You can connect to Mike for a chat on LinkedIn here.

Northern Ireland shortbread